Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quick Prayer Request

As some of you may know, Hannah does not do well with heat. She gets overheated very easily so warm temperatures can be dangerous for her. That is why it is a big priority for us to have two air conditioners in our house all the time: one for the living room where Hannah is 90% of the day, and one for her bedroom. (This is one reason why I hate summer...cooped up inside with the AC running because I have to watch Hannah instead of go outside is not very fun...)

But anyway, on to the prayer request. Our van - which is installed with a ramp to get Hannah in and out - isn't in the best shape. It's getting kind of rundown and old but buying a new one would mean our insurance skyrockets so all we can do is take care of this one as long as we can. But it's summer, and now the air conditioner in our van has stopped working. This wouldn't be a problem if my mom wasn't taking Hannah to Mayo Clinic on Monday, which is a good three-hour drive. We tried to get it fixed at the local repair shop but they didn't have the right part, so we can't get it fixed until the following Thursday.

My prayer request is that the weather won't be too hot on Monday, that Hannah won't get overheated and it will be a safe trip for both Hannah and my mom. I just really hope that when the AC in the van gets fixed it will STAY fixed so we don't encounter this problem again! If I won the lottery I know the first thing I would buy is a new van with doors and a ramp that actually open and close properly, and a working AC!

Thanks for reading and please keep Hannah in your prayers on Monday!

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