Sunday, July 7, 2013

Monsters University

One of Hannah's all-time favorite movies has always been Disney-Pixar's Monsters Inc. I love that movie too! All four of us grew up watching it and have loved it for as long as it has been out.

When I say Hannah has a "favorite movie", I mean one that makes her laugh the most, smile the most, or calms her down the fastest when she is distressed or not feeling well. If we're out of the house and she's upset, one of the things I do to calm her down is promise to put in Monsters Inc when we get home, and it works! There were days when Hannah would watch that movie twice a day, and sometimes every day. Now she watches it once or twice a week at the very least.  Mike Wazowski and Boo are her favorite characters. If I mention them or point them out on a poster she recognizes them instantly and brightens up. I can even quote Mike Wazowski and she picks it up. She has a few Mike Wazowski toys too.

Hannah's profound love for this movie has grown on me over the years, and I love it more and more as I get older. I have it memorized word for word.  Seriously...I can recite the entire movie.

Naturally when we heard about the prequel, Monsters University, in 2011, we were ecstatic. Now it's 2013 and the movie has finally arrived!

We almost never take Hannah to the movie theater. It's too dark, too loud, and there are too many people and seats for her comfort level to handle. But this is Monsters Inc! We could not pass it up! A week ago we found out Monsters University was playing in the town 15 minutes from our house, in contrast to the bigger theater an hour away. Yesterday afternoon we piled into our non air-conditioned van and went to see it, after two years of waiting, we could finally see it.

Now, was it a good movie?

Of course it was...I LOVED it. The younger versions of the characters - Mike, Sulley, even Randall - were so sweet and loveable. All the nods to the original were abundant but not forced. The plot was somewhat predictable but still fun and intriguing. It made me laugh and it made me teary-eyed. All in all it was a fantastic movie and a great companion to Monsters Inc. I felt like a big emotional mess, after growing up on the original and now seeing new life brought to the characters and the monster world, and it doesn't help that my brother goes to college in just a few weeks...!

But I don't want to get into all my messy emotions.  Part of what made me love the movie so much was watching Hannah's reaction. We told her all week what we were going to see so she knew what was coming, and was very excited as we got to the theatre and found our seats. As soon as Mike appeared Hannah was laughing because she recognized her favorite character. Even when other characters from the original Monsters Inc showed up she would start laughing again. And every time I saw her she was either smiling or laughing as the movie continued.

It was just so cool to see Hannah enjoying herself so much over a movie. A lot of times we "have" to watch what we want to watch and pop in a movie Hannah would never enjoy... like Sherlock or Silver Linings Playbook or Hunger Games. But I loved watching a movie I knew she was having a great time watching too. I haven't seen her that elated about a movie in such a long time, it was impossible not to enjoy myself.

So, I had a fantastic time yesterday watching Monsters University. And I think hearing my sister laugh for half of the film's duration made me love it even more. Even when I mention it now, she is smiling again because she knows. So I don't care what anyone else says, it was an awesome movie that I want to watch again and again with Hannah, because it's one of the few movies we both had fun seeing together. Sister bonding time with cartoon monsters, it never gets old.

Guess what I'm buying for her this November for her birthday! Yup, Monsters University DVD!